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Bobcat TL34.65

01 Nov 2022

The Bobcat R-Series TL34.65HF Telehandler with best-in-class boom speeds and High Flow is a perfect match for all your agriculture needs. It features a premium, large and roomy workspace and a patented high visibility cab to aid efficient and safe work.

TL34.65HF Overview

TL34.65HF components are well protected thanks to the shielded design. Its smart functions allow you to maximize productivity, while the stable design means the machine hugs the ground for extra stability and peace of mind. Available in four AGRI finishing levels. If you want to add a specific functionality, choose from a list of comprehensive options, and customize your telescopic loader to your heart’s content! The machine comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty as a standard for extra peace of mind.

TL34.65HF Features


High Flow technology:

Bobcat HF (High Flow) technology gives you best-in-class boom cycle times and the extra power you need to get the most demanding jobs done. You can raise productivity even with low engine rpm: the Load Sensing pump supplies 190 l/min at 250 bars (150 l/min for the auxiliary line). When all hydraulic functions are used simultaneously, the Quick-start and flow-sharing systems supply the full oil output immediately for optimum productivity.

Work anywhere in an agile machine

Get work done even in tight spaces, thanks to superior visibility from the fully glazed cab and the machine's maneuverability and compact footprint. From AGRI 2-stars, a 4th steering mode, called ‘Semi-Crab’, is available, which allows you to keep the rear wheels in the desired position and to steer the machine with the front wheels. This new mode simplifies the cleaning of stalls along the wall or when working on silage piles.

European Tractor homologation

Fully compliant with the European Tractor homologation, this model can travel on road at up to 40 km/h and tow a trailer (up to 19 tons) with braking system.

Heavy duty axles

For durability when working on the most intensive jobs, your Bobcat telehandler is equipped with heavy-duty axles from Dana-Spicer, with limited slip differential in the front. These heavy-duty axles also feature: central differential gear, service brakes in oil bath, 3 planetary gears in hubs, 1 steering cylinder protected in upper position, and position sensor to re-align wheels when changing the steering mode.

Hydrostatic transmission

Bobcat Telehandlers feature a heavy-duty hydrostatic transmission that delivers smooth power quickly, when you need it, with high wheel torque for digging and pushing. Operation is safe and easy, with many additional features to help you get the job done quickly and efficiently: 2 speed ranges with shift-on-the-fly, auto-shift functionality during heavy load conditions, speed management system (SMS), dynamic braking and an inching pedal. This telehandler also offers you a 2-speed mechanical gearbox to optimize speed and torque for each individual job.

Turbo-charged engine - Bobcat D34

The Bobcat engine delivers 135 hp and meets Stage V regulations with an emissions-reduction package (SCR + DOC + DPF), without the need of an EGR valve. Its maximum 500 Nm torque is reached at 1400 rpm thanks to top-class electronic fuel injection, High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) technology, and turbo-charged air management. Its compact design allows optimized integration, resulting in excellent accessibility and visibility on the right-hand side of the cab.



Smarter and faster

To fully exploit the high productivity of Bobcat telehandlers, quickly shifting from Smooth Drive to Dynamic Drive allows you to increase the speed of all gear shifting and the machine’s acceleration and deceleration. Additionally, the Flex Control uses the hand throttle to bring a new dimension to driving by managing the forward speed independently from the engine speed. You achieve a whole new level of efficiency and precision! Make your work easier and boost your productivity with the intelligent Job Manager functionality, which enables you to save and recall custom settings for a variety of attachments or applications.

Unrivalled range of vision

The patented Bobcat asymmetric cab design, with high-resistance full-glass enclosure, gives you a spacious work environment and an unbeatable 360° range of visibility. The concept uses a 5-pillar cab design, leaving the right-rear corner free of blocking structures while still offering maximum protection as well as ROPS/FOPS.

All-in-one joystick

Bobcat offers you a genuine joystick with smooth and precise boom controls and machine speed and direction. In the smart version, you get 2 additional functions: bucket shaking and boom float.

High comfort air suspension seat

Bobcat Telehandlers offer a low-frequency air-suspension seat with headrest. This premium seat keeps the operator comfortable throughout a long day's work, whatever the ground conditions.

Interactive display

A clear, easy-to-read overview of all operating parameters ... at the touch of a button. This interactive display benefits from highly intuitive navigation via jog shuttle. If equipped, the rear-view camera feed is shown automatically when reversing. From AGRI 3-stars, you get a 7" touchscreen display (compatible with gloves) with built-in Bluetooth radio and phone page. Moreover, Job Manager functionality allows the operator to save and recall up to 6 custom settings – so that he works quickly with the best machine settings for a variety of attachments.

Intuitive & smooth operation

Controls are within easy reach, and their intuitive layout and color-coding allow you to find everything quickly. Individual elements are backlit and use the same color-coding, preserving their appearance in the dark. In addition, to make your work absolutely simple and safe, the parking brake is activated automatically.

Boom Suspension System (BSS)

For the operator’s ride comfort when driving fast or on uneven ground, the boom suspension system uses a nitrogen accumulator to absorb shocks significantly and is automatically activated at over 5 km/h.

Automatic fan inverter

The Bobcat fan inverter reverses the air flow without stopping the engine and allows efficient cleaning of radiators and air intake grill. For added convenience in dusty environments, you can select the automatic mode with adjustable cycle times.

Premium workspace

Enjoy the roomy cab with loads of comfort features: easy cab access thanks to the wide door opening and only 1 step, seat with dynamic suspension, suspended joystick, interactive 7-inch touchscreen display, heated/cooled storage compartments, and many more. Moreover, thanks to a patented panoramic window, this first-class user experience includes amazing visibility.

Uptime Protection:


Everyday thoughness

A loader you can depend on all day, every day – with a robust boom and Bobcat’s signature box-welded frame design, with shielded bottom plate to protect all vital components.

Confidence - inspiring stability

Bobcat Telehandlers are stable by nature. Handle heavy loads at any height easily and safely, thanks to the well-balanced construction, low center of gravity, heavy counterweight, and long wheelbase. Our machines hug the ground. And the impressive stability of Bobcat Telehandlers is complemented by numerous practical safety features and overall ease-of-use – so you can reach high and far while handling heavy loads with ease in any position.

3-Year standard warranty

Bobcat Company develops every machine to the highest standards of quality and durability. That’s why our standard warranty provides 36 months or 3000 operating hours (whichever occurs first) of coverage, extendable up to 5 years or 6000 engine hours.

Electronic Battery Disconnection (EBD)

Because a low battery can lead to downtime, the electronic and automatic disconnection of the battery significantly reduces the chance of low battery issues. When the key switch is turned off, the battery is disconnected simultaneously.

Attachment Versatility:


Bobcat built-in auxiliary line & Fast Connect System (FCS)

Hydraulic quick couplers with integrated pressure-release system, drain line and electric socket are well protected and conveniently mounted on the boom head.

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