28 Apr 2021
Telescopic Handlers
With reach, agility and strength, Bobcat T series Telescopic handlers are particularly popular in the construction and rental industries. The combination of high performance, top-class features and ease-of-use makes these machines the ideal solution for demanding jobs and precision work.
28 Apr 2021
Luxxum 120 Offer
Register now and get a net £2,500 voucher for a front loader ready tractor and loader, or front linkage, when purchasing a new Luxxum 120.
30 Mar 2021
Telescopic Loaders
TL series Bobcat Telescopic Loaders are made for heavy-duty and high-productivity jobs. Thanks to a specific frame and boom shielded design with top-quality Bobcat features, they are perfectly adapted to intensive loading applications in agriculture and the waste industry.
30 Mar 2021
The first digital fair designed around you
11 Mar 2021
Waste Expert benefits
Waste Expert is an additional equipment package designed and manufactured to best meet severe Waste Management conditions.
26 Feb 2021
3-year free extended manufacturer's warranty with no excess!
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Case IH service solutions focus on your operation and your machinery. SAFEGUARD WARRANTY provides an extension of the standard 1-year base warranty; it is an in-house warranty package that ensures that any issue that would normally be covered in the manufacturer's first year warranty will continue to be covered in the 2nd and 3rd year or until 3,000 hrs are reached. ​Until 31st May 2021​, all tractors from 145hp and telescopic handlers are being offered with a 3-year, 3,000 hour SAFEGUARD WARRANTY, with no minimum claim value or excess fees for the entire 3 years!
22 May 2020
After effects of the pandemic on construction and agriculture
As we have seen in previous eras of hardship, both the construction and agriculture sectors have continued to operate throughout this unusual period of time, and are ready to kick things up another gear to help lift the nation out of this unprecedented ‘slump’.
30 Mar 2020
A & M Group will still be providing parts, service and sales to all new and existing customers. Please read the full article for the procedures we will be following.
11 Mar 2020
The Three Major Benefits of Having Quality Agricultural Equipment
Before you start shopping for farm equipment, do your homework, decide what work could be done better or faster and then buy or replace your existing equipment with a quality machine that does the work you require. Your choice of agricultural equipment should always enhance your production speed and efficiency, and in turn your bottom line.