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The Three Major Benefits of Having Quality Agricultural Equipment

11 Mar 2020

Farming originates from very early civilisations and has been in existence for what is thought to be 23,000 years. Early agriculture was mostly based around sowing and taking care of certain plants, however, as demand for food increased, there was a need for new implements and farming equipment. Overall most farming and agricultural techniques have been improved to increase productivity and minimise labour time and cost, all thanks to the evolution of industrial equipment.

Agriculture makes up 6.4% of the world's total economic production. As a farmer you will be well aware it is not easy to run a farm without quality equipment, no matter how hard you work or how skilled you are. If you want to increase productivity and profits while also lowering your costs and overheads, it is necessary to invest in quality equipment such as tractors, tractor implements, watering systems and many other commercial tools.

Here we have detailed the major benefits of having quality agricultural equipment for use on your own farm.

Reduced production time

With good quality equipment, the time of production will be significantly reduced. Human hands are indeed more than capable to carry out most tasks, but since time is money, quality small farm tractors and various tractor attachments will facilitate the completion of your task in a fraction of the time. And while investing in quality compact tractor may seem a costly financial outlay, it will not take long to realise it was a wise investment in your business. There are many quality tractors on the market that are durable, loaded with features and easily maintained. If your cash flow does not reach to purchasing the equipment outright there are financing options available to spread the cost to give you the opportunity to grow and expand your business without the need of large upfront costs.


Increased efficiency

When it comes to farming equipment, the most expensive does not necessarily equal the highest quality so it pays to do your research and talk to the experts when choosing your equipment.  There are many manufacturers that produce high-quality small farm tractors, tractor attachments and other farming tools, all of which will increase the efficiency of your operation. Money saved due to increased efficiency can be re-invested into your agricultural business, keeping you ahead of the competition. It also pays to keep in mind that your investment in your farming equipment needs to be looked after. A regular maintenance schedule is necessary to ensure that you maintain the performance and prolong the life of your equipment.

Reduced Downtime

When choosing farming equipment, you are selecting a machine and its associated tools which are appropriate to the work you need carried out.  A quality machine will be able to handle that workload without the need for unscheduled repairs and lost work time. Both of which result in less money in your pocket!

There are financial options for every budget. Before you start shopping for farm equipment, do your homework, decide what work could be done better or faster and then buy or replace your existing equipment with a quality machine that does the work you require. Your choice of agricultural equipment should always enhance your production speed and efficiency, and in turn your bottom line. Then shop around. Whether you opt for new or used; financed or an outright purchase there will be an option to suit you.

At A&M Group, our speciality is providing agricultural engineering for local farmers and contractors. We offer a wide range of new and used products from leading brands, and have finance assistance available as well. Get in touch to discuss your equipment requirements using,  phone 01994 231144 or visit our website to view our new and used products.